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Why Use Legal Recruiter Submitter?

Legal Recruiters often know about jobs you simply will not find elsewhere. In fact, if you are not using a legal recruiter for your job search, the chances are you are missing out on jobs that recruiters have "exclusives" on. Not every employer posts their jobs online—and when you use a recruiter, you have access to "hidden jobs" that are not being advertised in the market.

The biggest problem with using legal recruiters is that they all have different "exclusives". Every recruiter out there has "exclusives" that other recruiters do not know about.

If you are not using more than one legal recruiter during your job search, you will be missing out on jobs. Missing out on jobs means you may be hurting your chances of finding the best job for you.

  • You might be forced to take a job in an area you do not want to work in.
  • You might take a job at a much lower salary than you could be making.
  • You may take a job where you do not get stock options and other benefits you might get elsewhere.

Legal Recruiter Submitter Allows You to Easily and Rapidly Contact Every Recruiter in Your Market. If you can press "submit," you can contact every legal recruiter in your market instantly using Legal Recruiter Submitter. This will save you an incredible amount of time.


Legal Recruiter Submitter has the largest database of recruiters in the world to help you track down recruiter jobs. Tracking down all of these recruiters would take you hundreds of hours of time and you probably still not find them all. Using ultra-sophisticated technology, Legal Recruiter Submitter "matches" you instantly with hundreds of recruiters and proactively "alerts" them that you are out there. This will dramatically increase your exposure to the job market and rocket you ahead in your job search.


You Cannot Afford Not to Use Legal Recruiter Submitter! Using Legal Recruiter Submitter you can:

  • Contact every recruiter in the country who recruits people like you—instantly.
  • Learn about "hidden jobs" that recruiters may have exclusives on.
  • Speed up your job search dramatically.
  • Increase your income.
  • Get more job offers.


Legal Recruiter Submitter Features
Approach only legal recruiters
Legal Recruiter Submitter sends your resume only to those recruiters who specialize in recruiting in legal positions specified by you.
Hide your identity
Legal Recruiter Submitter provides you the facility of receiving responses from the recruiters in a new email id created specifically for you.
Effective time saver
Within hours of using Legal Recruiter Submitter, legal recruiters may be courting you with opportunities that suit your interests.
Free for legal recruiters
Legal recruiters can browse through job seekers' resumes for free at Legal Recruiter Submitter, thus increasing your chance of reaching the largest possible market of recruiting contacts.

Legal Recruiter Submitter is an awesome resource for attorneys looking to make a lateral move. I stumbled upon this site through a job board and since I was desperate, I signed up immediately. The results were quick and astounding. I signed up on 06/ [...]
- Emily S.
Senior Attorney, Litigation