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Selected Testimonials

Legal Recruiter Submitter is an awesome resource for attorneys looking to make a lateral move. I stumbled upon this site through a job board and since I was desperate, I signed up immediately. The results were quick and astounding. I signed up on 06/22 and on 06/24, I received an email saying my resume was sent out to 1,297 recruiters. By the end of June, I had received about seven offers and I am now happily employed at a Florida-based law firm. And now that I am settled into my new job, I am writing to express my enormous thanks to Legal Recruiter Submitter for being such a wonderful source of information. While no one would ever say that their search for a new job was effortless, I must say that with your assistance, it came pretty close! I am truly grateful for everything you have done. Thank you again.

Emily S..
Senior Attorney, Litigation
Legal Recruiter Submitter sent my resume directly to recruiters and provided me with outstanding results. These recruiters are working for me and scheduling me interviews! I also want to commend you for producing the most user-friendly interface for job seekers. You demonstrated a remarkable wealth of knowledge regarding the numbers of legal recruiters. My decision to sign up with Legal Recruiter Submitter was well made. I have already taken two interviews at a New York firm and more are lined up. With the options that I have in hand, I am confident I will land a great job within a week’s time. Thanks everyone, especially Mr. Harrison.

Steve A..
Attorney, Trusts & Estates
Prior to trying Legal Recruiter Submitter, I had tried various other similar websites that promised to connect me to all legal recruiters. However, none of them offered anything fruitful and I didn’t even land an interview, forget the job. Within three weeks of contacting Legal Recruiter Submitter, my resume had reached over 500 recruiters. Within two months, I had a top paying job at a Michigan-based firm. If it were not for Legal Recruiter Submitter, I'd still be looking for a job today. Many thanks and best wishes!

Melanie G..
Tax Attorney
Few months back, I had posted my resume on many sites and received little response. Being a senior attorney, I didn’t realize finding a new position of my stature and location would be this difficult. It seems my resume was lost in databases with thousands of others. Legal Recruiter Submitter guaranteed to deliver my resume directly to legal recruiters, which sounded promising and I was sure they would have something perfect for me. And they definitely did! After using Legal Recruiter Submitter, I landed more than five interviews and received two offers in a very short period of time. This service worked for me! Thanks guys! I really appreciate the help.

Lance D..
Senior Attorney, Environment Law
Just a quick note to tell you how Legal Recruiter Submitter accelerated my job search. I had tried one service before, and very frankly, was extremely disappointed with the results. But within a week of your distribution of my resume, I landed more than four interviews and received more than one offer. Not only were the numbers impressive, but the quality of the recruiters was superior. I found a fantastic job and am so excited to be moving back to my hometown to embark on this new adventure at one of the most prestigious firms in the city, all of which was made possible by Legal Recruiter Submitter.

Aston R..
Attorney, Litigation
Thanks to Legal Recruiter Submitter, I made a quick transition from my prior firm to my current firm. I've heard that a job search can be extraordinarily stressful, but this one wasn't. I'm ecstatic in this new position and owe it largely to Legal Recruiter Submitter. Of course I was skeptical in paying $40 for the service I was trying for the first time. But, I couldn’t believe the first day after Legal Recruiter Submitter sent out my resume I received five phone calls and 30+ emails from recruiters I was never aware of, the second day again about five phone calls and more emails. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation and thanks for the great efforts that you put into finding me all legal recruiters. I felt that you thoroughly explored the legal recruiters in the market and provided me with the largest database. Again, many thanks for the great job.

Edward Z..
Attorney, Criminal Law
I wish to inform you that I got an offer from a Boston-based law firm that offered me a salary of $145k and have relocated there. Your services and database of legal recruiters is most exhaustive and has been a great help in gaining real insight and my current job. The plus of utilizing your service was that I was able to reach recruiters that I was not aware of. I was very impressed by your easy-to-use website, and if I need help in the future, I would definitely use you again. I'm looking at a bright future thanks to you.

John S..
Attorney, Intellectual Property
I have worked with a lot of recruiters before, and I kept changing them just like I kept changing jobs. I always wished I could contact all the legal recruiters out there at once so that I know of all available positions. After a job board recommended Legal Recruiter Submitter, I signed up and the difference was like night and day. Legal Recruiter Submitter’s database of recruiters in the Bay Area was nothing short of impressive. I recommend Legal Recruiter Submitter. wholeheartedly

Amy D..
Partner, Litigation
Legal Recruiter Submitter delivered exactly as promised. I had very specific factors in mind when I decided to relocate to Houston, Texas. Legal Recruiter Submitter provided me a list of all recruiters and blasted out my resume to all. After a short duration, my resume was picked by five excellent recruiters who connected me to an offer that was perfect for me which I quickly accepted. I would not hesitate in referring Legal Recruiter Submitter to others considering a job change. Thanks again.

Gregory M..
Patent Attorney
When I signed up for Legal Recruiter Submitter, I didn't really expect anything great. You exceeded my expectations completely. Aside from providing the most exhaustive list of legal recruiters, you were incredibly easy to navigate. I'm also grateful to your customer service and tech support departments who made the tedious task of hunting recruiters an extremely easy process. Thank you. I will tell all my friends about my wonderful experience.

Sean T..
Attorney, Bankruptcy
Within three weeks of contacting Legal Recruiter Submitter, my resume has reached over 400 recruiters. And now, two months down the line, I have a top paying attorney job at a Miami-based organization. Many thanks and best wishes!

Jennifer K..
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